Aquaflame Soldering Torch Model 800



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Aquaflame Soldering Torch Model 800

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Aquaflame system requires

Distilled Water, Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) & Potassium Hydroxide

Each sold seperately


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The Aquaflame torch system is made of the highest quality components.

The Aquaflame system converts distilled/deionised water into hydrogen and oxygen gases by electrolysis. A wide range of tips are provided from 0.50mm to 1.50mm to perform soldering tasks such as re-sizing and/or re-tipping. The larger tips make this unit capable of soldering platinum.

A clean precise environmentally friendly flame is obtained by using Methyl-Ethyl-Keytone (MEK). MEK leaves no residue on the surgical steel tips. 

Minimal maintenance is required for this complete soldering system.



400mm L x 280mm W x 380mm H

Maximum Temperature

3300 degrees celcius

Further Information

800 watts


12 Months Warranty

Country of Origin



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