Smiths Little Torch with 5 Tips


Smiths Little Torch with 5 Tips

$450.00 + GST

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Genuine Smiths Little Torch

The best selling jewellers torch on the market! The Smiths Little Torch will make all your soldering tasks easy.

This torch is extremely light weight, the flexible hoses make this torch extremely easy to use.

Requiring both LPG and Oxygen as well as regulators for both the LPG bottle and Oxygen bottle.

The maximum temperature of the Little Torch for the fuel used:

  • Acetylene: 3260-3482°C
  • Butane: 2757°C
  • Hydrogen: 2676°C
  • Natural Gas: 2537°C
  • Propane: 2637°C

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Set includes 4 tips - #2, #3, #4 and #5



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