Foredom Flex Shaft Set 230 Volt



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Foredom Flex Shaft Set 230 Volt

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230 Volt version of Foredom’s most popular and best motor for general use. This hang-up motor runs in forward and reverse at speeds up to 18,000 RPM.

Foredom’s most popular foot operated speed control uses durable electronics in an extra wide rugged plastic housing.

Flexible shaft grease.

      This set includes H.20 Handpiece: preferred by some jewellers who make frequent bur changes, “quick change” handpiece is only for use with 3/32″ 2.35mm  shank accessories. Features a tapered plastic front grip and sides for close handling. It has pre-lubricated ball bearings that never need lubrication. H.20 is a standard key tip handpiece.


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      230 V


      2 Year Warranty

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