Foredom Brushless Micromotor Kit 50,000 RPM



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Foredom Brushless Micromotor Kit 50,000 RPM

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This micromotor kit includes a control box with digital display, handpiece with 2.35mm (3/32″) collet installed and 1/8″ collet, variable speed foot pedal, handpiece cradle, handpiece holder, wrenches for changing collets and an extra fuse.

Brushless micromotor is ideal for various applications at high, medium and low speed.

High Speed Applications: It provides smooth, clean, and sharp detailing in metal and wood. It’s also great for bright-cutting, grinding, finishing, texturing, and polishing. You never need to change the brushes on this handpiece.

Medium Speed Applications: This speed is ideal for effortless and fast stock removal in wood, diestone, or acrylics.

Low Speed Applications: Low speed offers extra control and power for stone setting and milling.


Ergonomic, comfortable grip.

Brushless with long-lasting ball bearings.

Easy bur changes – twist to release or lock bur.

Designed for simple collet changes to use 3/32˝ (2.35mm) or 1/8˝ shank burs. 


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230 V


2 Year Warranty

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