Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner Select 30


Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner Select 30

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Elma Ultrasonic Select 30

The Select range of Elma ultrasonics are advanced cleaning devices.

Intuitive, clear and easy to read display showing all relevant parameters.

Heats from 25°C - 80°C

Adjustable cleaning programs - Holds memory for 4 individual cleaning programs.

100% ultrasonic power at a frequency of 37 kHz.


5 ultrasonic modes for best cleaning results and easy sample preparation 

Dynamic - Combines the ultrasonic modes pulse and sweep to increase the overall cleaning performance.

Pulse - Removes even stubborn contaminations through a pulsating sound field distribution.

Sweep - Uniform distribution of the ultrasonic power for most cleaning tasks.

Eco - For gentle cleaning with quiet operation.

Degas - Quick degassing of freshly prepared cleaning solutions.


  • Stainless steel casing
  • Temperature regulation
  • Cleaning duration timer
  • Visual and audible signals
  • LED display for pulse function and limit temperature
  • Protection against splashing with higher feet stand and lid
  • Practical carrying handles


For safety

Automatic shutdown after 8 hours of continuous operation

Dry run protection

Product Brochure

Technical Data and Product Information

Caring for your ultrasonic

Additional information


External Dimensions

305mm W x 107mm D x 230mm H

Tank Capacity

2.7 Litres

Internal Dimensions

220mm W x 120mm D x 95mm H



Country of Origin



2 year warranty


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